Washington George leverages technology to improve quality, efficiency and client experience. Our attorneys have partnered with leading industry software developers to implement ground breaking legal software platforms. The head of our technology practice has trained U.S. Navy and federal government employees.

The professionals at Washington George has considerable experience working with clients in the following areas:

Data Science
Machine Learning
Blockchain Technology
Finance & Technology


We invest in developing long-term client relationship to deliver outstanding service and results. Our use of technology not only provides clients with costs savings, but saves valuable time allowing client to focus on their interests and meet their goals. This client-centric approach, which utilizes technology developed by Washington George attorneys and software industry leaders , gives us an edge that is unparalleled in the legal market. 


Washington George attorneys developed a groundbreaking technology called Secured Estate. Secured Estate is an all-in-one, secure estate planning and financial management system that allows you to create and store important documents and account information for your executor(s) and beneficiaries.